Want a professional finish? Learn how to use an overlocker!


Follow-on Overlocker Workshop: Friday 23 February

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn more advanced overlocking techniques and to improve thier knowledge and understanding of how overlockers work. You will need to have experience using an overlocker and know how to adjust tension and threading the machine. To gain these skills please attend the "Get to know your Overlocker' workshop to get up to speed

The techniques we are covering are things like flat locking, rolled hems, gathering, pintucks, differential feed mechanism and we will be covering overlocking using a wide variety of fabrics.

When : Friday 23rd February
Time:  1.30 pm -4.30 pm.
Where: Sewing Shed Stroud.

When : Saturday 30th June
Time:  1.30 pm -4.30 pm.
Where: Sewing Shed Stroud.

For more information and to book a place go here.

Overlocker for Beginners: Saturday 24th March.

This workshop is for beginners who want to learn how to use the overlocker.
Find out how to give your work a professional finish, learn how to thread the machine, understand tension settings and much more.  

Find out what it can do for you.

- thread the machine and rethread the easy way.
- adjust stitch length and blade position.
- adjust tension.
- sew corners, round edges and seams.
- replacing needles.

When : Saturday 24th March 
Time:  10 am -4 pm.
Where: Sewing Shed Stroud.

To book your self a place or to find out more just follow the link.